- the wild "school out" parties. Lots of girls with no clothes...

Story behind the pics: its to celebrate that they end so-called "videregående skole" which is kinda like a highschool deploma.
the celebrations go on forth to the 17th of may, which is the national day of Norway :) the people you see on the pics are 17\18\19 years old. And the "Russetid" (Russ is what you are during the celebrations, well thats the name if it atleast) lasts aprox 3-4 weeks of partying. As you see in the picture people go together 5-8 ppl and have a van together, so they can drive around etc, which always is dyed red. Well actually its several colors, red is just the most common ones (when ppl from schools as Sales and service gradute they are blue Russ). During this time there are sevel "stunts" that you can preform that awards you certian items that you can hang in your "russelue"(the hat) and on the "russedress"(the suit itself)

PART 1 // PART 2

swedish_party_girls_001.jpg swedish_party_girls_002.jpg swedish_party_girls_003.jpg swedish_party_girls_004.jpg swedish_party_girls_005.jpg
swedish_party_girls_006.jpg swedish_party_girls_007.jpg swedish_party_girls_008.jpg swedish_party_girls_009.jpg swedish_party_girls_010.jpg
swedish_party_girls_011.jpg swedish_party_girls_012.jpg swedish_party_girls_013.jpg swedish_party_girls_014.jpg swedish_party_girls_015.jpg
swedish_party_girls_016.jpg swedish_party_girls_017.jpg swedish_party_girls_018.jpg swedish_party_girls_019.jpg swedish_party_girls_020.jpg
swedish_party_girls_021.jpg swedish_party_girls_022.jpg swedish_party_girls_023.jpg swedish_party_girls_024.jpg swedish_party_girls_025.jpg
swedish_party_girls_026.jpg swedish_party_girls_027.jpg swedish_party_girls_028.jpg swedish_party_girls_029.jpg swedish_party_girls_030.jpg
swedish_party_girls_031.jpg swedish_party_girls_032.jpg swedish_party_girls_033.jpg swedish_party_girls_034.jpg swedish_party_girls_035.jpg
swedish_party_girls_036.jpg swedish_party_girls_037.jpg swedish_party_girls_038.jpg swedish_party_girls_039.jpg swedish_party_girls_040.jpg
swedish_party_girls_041.jpg swedish_party_girls_042.jpg swedish_party_girls_043.jpg swedish_party_girls_044.jpg swedish_party_girls_045.jpg
swedish_party_girls_046.jpg swedish_party_girls_047.jpg swedish_party_girls_048.jpg swedish_party_girls_049.jpg swedish_party_girls_050.jpg
swedish_party_girls_051.jpg swedish_party_girls_052.jpg swedish_party_girls_053.jpg swedish_party_girls_054.jpg swedish_party_girls_055.jpg
swedish_party_girls_056.jpg swedish_party_girls_057.jpg swedish_party_girls_058.jpg swedish_party_girls_059.jpg swedish_party_girls_060.jpg

PART 1 // PART 2

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