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Elsa Hosk - The Prototype Of A Blonde VS Angel

Elsa Anna Sofie Hosk was born in Stockholm, Sweden. She's 5'9" and obviously blonde. So why am I telling you this? I want that you guess her occupation based on the information I gave you. And do you have an idea? Well, she's a model of course!

Elsa Hosk Nude in the sea
Elsa Hosk naked in the ocean

Not just a regular model. She's a Victoria's Secret Angel. You know, like the crème de la crème of models. According to Wikipedia, it was her father who submitted pictures of her to multiple modeling agencies in Sweden when she was 13. Of course, being a model is a great job, but still, I'm not sure if it was my daughter if I'd be keen to see her walking around barely naked - esp. at the age of 14 - when she had her first jobs.

After graduating, she played in the Swedish woman's basketball league. Although she quickly realized that there's much more money to be made, walking down a cat-walk, wearing next to no clothes, than to be running around on a basketball field.

So after playing professional basketball for two years, she soon moved to New York City and worked as a model full time. Throughout the years, she worked for many big brands such as Dior, Dolce & Gabbana, and Guess.

Elsa Hosk pulls her bikini bottom up her ass
Hosk pulls her bikini bottom up her ass.

In 2016 she had the honor to open the Victoria's Secret Fashion show. In 2018 she was chosen to wear the "Dream Angels" Fantasy bra - worth $1 million consisting of 2,100 Swarovski diamonds.

I've tried to find out if she dated Leonardo DiCaprio at some point, as it's statistically very likely since he has fucked like 70% of all Victoria's Secret models. Still, I haven't found proof of that during the 2 minutes of research I did on this topic.

Elsa Hosk topless leak in her bedroom
Elsa Hosk Leak! She's topless in her bedroom with some guy lying next to her

Her current boyfriend is named Tom Daly, the co-founder of Running Vision, a company that sells sunglasses made for running.

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